Investing in High Quality Multifamily Assets in Enduring Locations

Cottonwood Communities, Inc. is a public, non-traded real estate investment trust (“REIT”)

that seeks to invest in multifamily apartment communities and multifamily real estate-related assets located throughout the United States. Shares of the offering are available to investors that meet the minimum suitability standards set forth in the prospectus at $10 per share with a minimum investment of $5,000.

Our Investment Objectives* Are To:


protect and return invested capital


cash distributions to shareholders


capital appreciation in the value of our investments over the long term


a real estate investment alternative with lower expected volatility relative to public real estate companies whose securities trade daily on a stock exchange

*There is no guarantee that these investment objectives will be met.
Investing in our common stock involves a high degree of risk and uncertainties including the possibility of losing a portion or all of your investment.

Why Invest with Cottonwood?

Our priority is on the performance of your investments.

of the offering proceeds will be available for investment from day one because our advisor pays all selling commissions, dealer manager fees and offering expenses without reimbursement.3

1) Information regarding the experience of our sponsor includes information regarding Cottonwood Residential, Inc. and its affiliates unless otherwise required by context. In September 2018, Cottonwood Residential, Inc., commenced a series of transactions to restructure its organization and Cottonwood Residential II, Inc. was formed to replace Cottonwood Residential, Inc. and to act as our sponsor. 2) The advisor to the REIT is responsible for paying the selling commissions (6% of share purchase price), dealer manager fee (up to 3% of the gross offering proceeds), and organizational and offering expenses (estimated at 4% of the gross proceeds from the offering if the REIT raises the minimum offering amount and 1% of the gross proceeds from the offering if the REIT raises the maximum offering amount). A portion of the dealer manager fee is allocated to wholesalers that are internal to Cottonwood. It should be noted that Cottonwood Communities Advisors Promote, LLC, will receive a promotional interest equal to 15% of net income and cash distributions, but only after investors receive, in the aggregate, cumulative distributions sufficient to provide a return of capital, plus a 6% cumulative, non-compounded annual return on their aggregate invested capital. This, and other fees and expenses that will apply (including asset management fees, contingent acquisition and financing fees, acquisition reimbursement, independent director compensation and other operating expenses) are described in detail in the prospectus. 3) In March 2020, Cottonwood Communities, Inc. granted LTIP Units to certain registered persons associated with the dealer manager.  These LTIP Units are an underwriting expense borne by the company and constitute a de minimis amount of total underwriting compensation paid in connection with the offering.

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